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Political news in Azov (page 2 of 6)

07/20/2018 03:55NATO General reported an increase of Russian aggression in the Black sea    ( The Koz Telegram )
NATO General reported an increase of Russian aggression in the Black sea ... UA Russia has deployed about 40 warships in the sea of Azov.
07/12/2018 02:50NATO, Russia and the Black Sea    ( Second Line of Defense )
No subject could be timelier for Russian threats and the capabilities needed to ... Russia's capabilities also include the naval and A2AD capacity in the ... Black Sea and the Sea of Azov that are “internal waters” of Ukraine by force.
07/12/2018 02:50Ukrainian MPs appeal to President, Defense Minister to denounce treaty with Russia on ...    (Interfax-Ukraine)
Ukrainian Infrastructure Ministry offers mirror measures for Russia's restrictions on navigation in ... - Interfax-Ukraine
06/21/2018 05:20Russian Defense Minister calls for 'symmetrical response' to NATO activities near Western borders    ( RT )
An increase in NATO activities forces Russia to undertake symmetrical ... Shoigu also told the Russian military command that when preparing a ... at the time as Ukrainian Navy training which led to some parts of the Azov Sea being ...
06/05/2018 13:25Watch a Ukrainian Su-25 Frogfoot fly at an ultra-low altitude over a Sea of Azov beach    ( Business Insider )
Russia accused Ukraine or 'state piracy' and last week, Russia detained two Ukrainian fishermen accused of poaching, the Russian State-sponsored ...
05/26/2018 03:20UNIAN: Expert names Putin's three goals in Azov Sea    ( Kyiv Post )
The expert on security issues, Lieutenant-General Vasyl Bohdan says Russia's actions in the Sea of Azov, namely military drills within 16 kilometers ...
05/25/2018 17:10Expert names Putin's three goals in Azov Sea    ( UNIAN )
Expert on security issues, Lieutenant-General Vasyl Bohdan says Russia's actions in the Sea of Azov, namely military drills within 16 kilometers from ...
05/08/2018 04:20Russia needs to become less oil-dependent in next 6 years – Putin    ( RT )
Russia also seeks to significantly upgrade its railroads. The Baikal-Amur and Trans-Siberian railways' capacity needs to be increased by half, to 180 million tons per year, the decree said. Russia also needs to increase the capacity of railway approaches to the seaports of the Azov-Black Sea basin.
05/06/2018 17:15Fake: Upsurge of Anti-Semitism in Ukraine    ( )
Rise in anti-Semitism and Nazism in Ukraine, Ukrainian glorification of nationalists – such were the headlines blaring from many pro-Kremlin Russian media at the end of April. These stories were generated by a letter to the US Deputy Secretary of State from 56 congressmen asking that the State ...
“The threat of state piracy in Ukraine has already arisen: if the appropriate order is received, the Black Sea fleet, including its aviation, will begin to guarantee the safety of Russian navigation, that is, it will be present in the north-eastern part of the country. the Black Sea and in the area of the Azov basin ...
04/03/2018 05:15Did California's Ro Khanna get duped by Russia's propaganda?    ( The Hill )
In Russia, if you want to discredit someone, call them a Nazi. Putin is using it to justify his war to his subjects. Russians are not particularly keen on attacking Ukraine. But if it is to free them from the yoke of Nazis, well, that's different. The reason why the Kremlin is using information war against the Azov ...
03/28/2018 20:15Congress bans arms to Ukraine militia linked to neo-Nazis    ( The Hill )
“I am very pleased that the recently passed omnibus prevents the U.S. from providing arms and training assistance to the neo-Nazi Azov Battalion fighting in Ukraine.” The United States has been aiding and training Ukrainian forces in their fight against Russian-backed separatists since 2014, and ...
03/06/2018 19:50Russia might be preparing to return annexed shelf deposits to Ukraine    ( 112 International (blog) )
The memorandum proves that Russia has violated Ukraine's sovereign rights in the Black and Azov seas, as well as in the Kerch Strait. Since 2014, the Russian Federation has deprived Ukraine of the ability to exercise its rights of the maritime state, for its own needs, exploiting the sovereign resources ...
01/22/2018 14:45It is unbecoming of West to reduce relations with Russia to situation in Donbass - Lavrov    ( TASS )
According to the Russian top diplomat, Ukraine's army command cannot control a number of armed groups, such as the notorious Azov battalion. "An example to that is the blockade (of Donbass) declared by radicals and condemned by Ukrainian President Pyotr Poroshenko," Lavrov noted. "We publicly ...
01/10/2018 15:15Trump Continues Obama-Era Saber Rattling With Russia By Arming Ukraine    ( Mintpress News (blog) )
The Russia-obsessed corporate media continues to peddle the narrative that Donald Trump has turned the United States into a client-state of Russia, even while he directly provokes the former Soviet Union by providing Russia's foe — Urkaine — with the largest lethal assistance to a country on its ...
01/06/2018 14:50Russians See Rise of 'Next Hitler' in Ukraine    ( TRUNEWS )
It states a man who fits that bill is already rising in popularity in the country, Andriy Biletsky, who is now a member of the Ukrainian parliament after having led a “youth brigade” called the Azov Battalion during the Euromaidan revolution that ousted the pro-Russian government of President Viktor ...
11/24/2017 04:25Russia's General Board of State Expert Review approves Phase I of Bagayevsky Hydrosystem ...    ( PortNews IAA )
... (Russia's General Board of State Expert Review) has approved Phase I of Bagayevsky Hydrosystem project, Sergey Gaidayev, head of Azov-Don Basin ... Construction of the Bagayevsky hydrosystem included into the Federal Targeted Programme “Development of Russia's Transport System in ...
11/22/2017 04:20In the state Duma responded to the Ukrainian Deputy to weaken Russia    ( The Stopru )
Verkhovna Rada Deputy Andriy Biletsky, who founded the regiment in the National guard of Ukraine under the name “Azov”, has recently stated that ...
11/10/2017 03:55Ukrainian Nationalists Feel the 'Moor Has Done His Duty'    ( Observer )
On October 13, a founder of the Azov volunteer battalion, 37-year-old Vitaly ... Blame is usually pointed at Russian President Vladimir Putin or his ...
10/27/2017 01:05Russia's Sobchak doesn't blame Putin for 2002 hostage crisis    ( WPXI Pittsburgh )
Russia's Sobchak doesn't blame Putin for 2002 hostage crisis .... of the Azov Battalion, a volunteer regiment that fought Russia-backed separatists in ...


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